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forum rules and guidelines

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forum rules and guidelines

Post  Admin on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:10 am

- No Spamming
- try not to double post
- While posting no alternate CaPS
and also do not post when you only have one or two words in it or smileys, post something that makes sense
- Especially no swearing!!
- Respect all members
- And also keep the board clean
-No BASHING other people or artists
-Post at the right section, if you post a topic that doesn't belong to a section. Your topic will be locked and will be moved to Recycle Basket. Because I'm really annoyed that I always have to move unknown topics and removing them.
- If you want to get your username changed, just PM and ask me to change your name

-Only have one picture on your signature! Please resize them to 320x270
-*Do not forget that we have banning system we can track your IP address*
-Always remember that here might be younger members in this forum. So please watch out of your words and actions.
-All pictures videos all stay here.



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